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Support your Local Biker for Trump!
My name is Mark McGovern,
I want to be your voice in Washington.

Or send your donation to:
McGovern for Congress, Inc.
P.O.Box 550
New Gretna, NJ 08224-0550

Join the Movement!
Mark McGovern is NOT a politician. He's a Local. He lives & Breathes South Jersey. 
He can go Toe to Toe with Career Politicians. Like Trump, he's changing the rules.
He needs YOUR Help & Support!
Join our team, put out Lawn Signs, Volunteer to work with your neighbors locally, or 
host a Meet & Greet. 
This is going to be FUN, this is going to be LOCAL!!!
This is how we Drain the Swamp! 
This is how we Make America Great Again!!!
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